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Screw conveyor & auger manufacturing in Brisbane

Screw conveyor/auger manufacturer

Brisbane's Maxworthy Fabrication Pty Ltd has been designing and manufacturing screw conveying and auguring equipment since 1979.

We have built a solid reputation for excellent quality and reliability in the bulk and difficult material handling areas throughout many various industries.

Screw/Auger Casing

Our screw conveyor/augers can be offered in either U-shape trough with fully weather & dust proof covers or a fully enclosed pipe casing.

Screw flight/auger flight - Segmented

We offer segmented flights from 100dia - 1000dia in either right or left hand, in a variety of thickness and various pitches to suit your requirements.

Flights can also be manufactured from a variety of different materials including mild steel, stainless steel, Bisalloy and other special steels.

Auger flight – continuous

We offer continuous auger flight from 75dia - 300dia in either right or left hand pitch. Note: continuous flight is limited to available sizes. Give us a call for a full range of available sizes.

Our company has been family-owned for nearly 40 years

All of our screw conveyors and augers are designed to meet your particular needs. We help with selecting a conveyor to give you reliable and carefree operation. This requires some careful planning and consideration.

Screw conveyors and augers are a compact and versatile way of
conveying a wide variety of materials with varying properties.

By enclosing the product and conveying action within an enclosed trough or tube, you greatly reduce the risk of dust escape, material spillage, contamination and the risk of personal injury from exposed moving parts.

Many important factors need to be considered when designing screw conveyors or
feeders to suit your application. Screw conveyor/auger flights can be manufactured in either right
hand or left hand to suit your requirements.

The hand of the screw and its rotational direction determines the direction in which the material flows.

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