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Providing Quality Steel Fabrication in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, since 1978

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When it comes to your Fabricated steel work needs, why not give us a call. We provide a range of services related to the fabrication and welding of steel work for many industries. For light, medium and heavy fabrication, General industry, mining & construction, we provide professional, expert service at competitive industry rates. When you need Quality Steel fabrication in Brisbane, think of Maxworthy Fabrication QLD Pty Ltd. 

For a competative quote with quality you can rely on, give us a call at Maxworthy Fabrication Pty Ltd or shoot us an email with your requirements.

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What we do

Steel fabrication is essential for a wide range of jobs. Whether your need is big or small, we can provide you with the quality you need.

Our fabrication work is often used in many industries including: General industry, mining, mineral processing, construction, petrochemical and bulk materials handling.

Our job is to provide our clients with Quality steel fabricated products for their specific projects. We do this by first studying your engineering drawings and compiling a list of materials and processes that will be necessary to complete the job. We then plan how to process, fabricate,weld and finish the steel in the most effective way. Last of all, we can supply a full protective coating system to meet your needs and provide a workshop to site delivery to any where in Australia.

Our Experience in the field

Established in 1978, We have over 35 yrs of experience in all forms of steel fabrication work and mechanical equipment.

We specialise in light to medium plate and pipe fabrication such as cones, hoppers, chute work, tanks and silos.

We also have many years of experience in producing mechanical equipment such as screw conveyors, bucket elevators,belt conveying equipment and components for the Bulk materials handling industry.

Our steel fabrication work is essential to many businesses, including general industry,mining, mineral processing and construction companies.